Criminological Theory
Interactionist Labeling: Formal and Informal Labeling’s Effects on Juvenile Delinquency
Daniel Ryan Kavish, Christopher W. Mullins & Danielle A. Soto

Conceal Carry and Race: A Test of Minority Threat Theory in Law Generation
Christopher W. Mullins & Daniel R. Kavish

Self-Control Behind Bars: a Validation Study of the Grasmick et al. Scale
Matt Delisi, Andy Hochstetler & Daniel S. Murphy

The Maximizer: Clarifying Merton's Theories of Anomie and Strain
Daniel S. Murphy & Matthew B. Robinson

"It's Been Hard to be a Father": A Qualitative Exploration of Incarcerated Fatherhood
Joyce Arditti, Sara A. Smock, & Tiffaney S. Parkman

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