Introducing Convict Criminology
Public Criminology and Criminologists with Records
Christopher Uggen, Veronica Horowitz & Robert Stewart
Introducing the New School of Convict Criminology
Stephen C. Richards & Jeffrey Ian Ross
The First Dime: A Decade of Convict Criminology
Richard S. Jones, Jeffrey Ian Ross, Stephen C. Richards & Daniel S. Murphy
The Myth of a Fair Criminal Justice
Matthew Robinson & Marian Williams
Convict Criminology: Voices from Prison
Stephen C Richards, Donald Faggiani, Jed Roffers, Richard Hendricksen & Jerrick Krueger
Prison Research From the Inside: The Role of Convict Autoethnography
Greg Newbold, Jeffrey Ian Ross, Richard S. Jones, Stephen C. Richards & Michael Lenza
The Inviting Convicts to College Program
Chris Rose, Kristin Reschenberg & Stephen Richards
Convict Criminology
Jeffrey Ross, Stephen Richards, Greg Newbold, Michael Lenza & Robert Grigsby

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