Criminology with Conviction

The official newsletter of ASC's Division of Convict Criminology

The Division of Convict Criminology (DCC) Newsletter Committee invites submissions for DCC's newsletter, Criminology with Conviction.


The deadline for submissions is October 30, 2021. We know this seems like a good amount of time, however time flies when you’re having fun or writing.


If you’re interested in providing a write-up; know of any programs doing great work to highlight; was recently promoted; obtained tenure; completed graduate course work; or know of /working with any directly impacted graduate students working in this area please submit a newsletter entry. If you have any new publications or information specific to DCC, then please send the information to the newsletter committee co-chair: Doshie Piper (  

We hope to hear from you about the wonderful work you do.


Yours in Service,

Daniel & Doshie

Newsletter Editors