Officers & Committees



Grant Tietjen, Ph.D.

St. Ambrose University






J. Renee Trombley, Ph.D.

Claflin University







Doshie Piper, Ph.D.

University of the Incarnate Word






Executive Counselor

Daniel Kavish, Ph.D.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University






Executive Counselor

Alison Cox, Ph.D.

University of Northern Iowa






Executive Counselor

Zaria Davis, M.A.

New Direction Coaching and Consulting, LLC




Executive Counselor

Charlotte Garnes, M.A.

The Bail Project





Executive Counselor

Jennifer Ortiz, Ph.D.

Indian University Southeast


Committee Chairs

Constitution & By Laws Committee: Daniel Kavish

Social Media Committee: Jennifer Ortiz & Grant Tietjen

Newsletter Committee: Alison Cox, Daniel Kavish, & Doshie Piper

Nominations Committee: Alison Cox

Membership Committee: Alison Cox, Zaria Davis, & J. Renee Trombley

Research and Evaluation Committee: Zaria Davis & J. Renee Trombley

Parliamentarian: Daniel Kavish

Archivist: Daniel Kavish

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Division Policy Statements